Archive | February, 2010

Number banners animations

I made these banners 15 years ago; ¬†how time flies. I used them to mark out situations, and then experimented with cardboard arrows in an attempt to animate some life into the banners. They were in a show at VOID gallery, London and in a small space in Digbeth, Birmingham. It’s only in the past […]

Pictures from Object expressionism

The exhibition at 242 gallery on Cambridge Heath road starts this Friday. Opening times are 12 – 6pm, Weds – Sun. The last day will be Sunday 21st Feb. I will be invigilating at the gallery on Saturdays and Sundays, so please pop along and say “hi” Closest tube is Bethnal Green. Closest overground is […]

A large bunch of white roses

Do roses look better in a bunch or all spread out like specimens mounted for our observation? Perhaps just like other objects roses deserve a chance to be considered on an individual basis. Like other objects flowers have personality and should be considered valuable in their own right, even without being arranged.

Boxing gloves

I took apart a pair of old-style boxing gloves, drawing them in stages of decomposition. I’m interested in how a physical world produces things that we don’t think of as physical like freewill, consciousness and imagination. Explanations like chaos theory can show how incredibly complex things can come from something simple. I think we use […]