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Coloured Kalashnikov drawings

Latest drawings of an AK47 in my studio.

Paul Doeman at LAPIEZA gallery, Madrid. April 2011.

Videos shot at an exhibition of my work at LAPIEZA gallery in Madrid, Spain in April 2011.
During the exhibition I drew objects in the gallery that had been chosen or created by other artists. I mounted the drawings on cardboard and displayed them in the gallery.





Banana peels 1

Banana peels 2

Kalashnikov AK47 drawings

Kalashnivov AK47 drawings.

These are multiple drawings of an AK47 assault rifle, drawn using oil pastel on paper on cardboard.

The rifle was a tough object to warm to, likely due to it’s purpose, so I often felt separate from it while I was drawing.
The drawings were made viewing the rifle from various angles.