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I use drawing as a very accessible, flexible and direct way of making artwork.
In theory you can use a burnt stick or other basic item to create marks; I tend to use black oil pastels of various colours and sizes as they give me an immediate strong line, which is almost impossible to rub-out. So once I make a mark I’m committed to it.
My work has often been described as urban and visually strong. I’ve been influenced by comic books, pop art, Van Gogh and urban signage.

Instagram: Nike bags and tricyles

Some more work in progress for the exhibition in Berlin on 25th July 2014.


Rossman Plastic bag drawings – Berlin Germany

Rossman is a popular German supermarket chain. I drew a Rossman plastic bag I acquired from shopping in one of their Berlin stores. Using oil pastel, I drew on unbleached paper ans sometimes cut-out small sections of some drawings to expose coloured paper underneath. This produced a solid block of colour where needed.

These drawings are a part of a series of works I created in Berlin in the Summer of 2014.

Instagram: Details of Berlin tricycle drawings in progress 2

These are images of details of drawings of a tricycle in Berlin, Germany. All work is drawn in oil pastel on paper.


Instagram: Details of Berln tricycle drawings in progress

Details and examples of Tricycle drawings for an exhibition in Berlin, Germany.


Instagram: Berlin Tricycle drawings.

These are examples of drawings to be used to form a larger piece of work “Ich bin ein Dreirad Berlin” (I am a Berlin Tricycle), which is to be exhibited at La Ultima Cena, Berlin Germany. Urbanstrasse 101, 10967 Berlin, Germany on 25th July 2014.


Instagram: Tricycle drawings – Work in progress

These are life-size drawings I’m developing for a larger piece of work to be shown on 25th July at La Ultima Cena, Berlin Germany.