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Banana skins on cardboard

Banana skin drawings on cardboard Here the banana skin drawings are glued onto cardboard.
The irregular shape of the sheet of cardboard emphasises the three-dimensional aspects of the drawings.

Update: Yellow Banana skins, Rose trees & Forge glove drawings

Here’s some updates to partially-finished work and another version of yellow banana skins – a previous version is on display at LAPIEZA in Madrid.

The Rose bush drawings are mounted on a single white board, intended to blend into a white wall as are the Forge glove drawings, which show the disintegration of the welding gloves.

Rose tree drawings

Yellow Banana skin drawings

Forge glove drawings

I am preparing work I will be submitting to the Jerwood drawing prize.
This drawing of banana skins is very similar to a piece of work I made for LaPieza gallery in Madrid.

I would prefer to mount each banana skin on the wall individually, but for practical reasons I will need to mount this work on a white board for transportation to the competition.

Each drawing is on yellow cartridge paper, which has been glued to cardboard cut from old boxes. When mounted each drawing will be raised up from the mounting board on a chunk of thick cardboard.

Yellow banana skin drawings

Using different coloured paper I’ve continued to draw banana skins.
This yellow paper is relevant to the kind of colour normally associated with banana skins.
More of these yellow banana skin drawings will be added.