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Berlin Tricycle – work in progress

These drawings will form part of an installation drawing to be displayed on 25th July 2014 in La Ultima Cena, Berlin Germany. Urbanstrasse 101, 10967 Berlin, Germany. The work will be entitled “Berlin Dreirad”.

All of the drawings are oil pastel on paper on cardboard.

Rossman Plastic bag drawings – Berlin Germany

Rossman is a popular German supermarket chain. I drew a Rossman plastic bag I acquired from shopping in one of their Berlin stores. Using oil pastel, I drew on unbleached paper ans sometimes cut-out small sections of some drawings to expose coloured paper underneath. This produced a solid block of colour where needed.

These drawings are a part of a series of works I created in Berlin in the Summer of 2014.

Instagram: Berlin Tricycle drawings.

These are examples of drawings to be used to form a larger piece of work “Ich bin ein Dreirad Berlin” (I am a Berlin Tricycle), which is to be exhibited at La Ultima Cena, Berlin Germany. Urbanstrasse 101, 10967 Berlin, Germany on 25th July 2014.


Instagram: Tricycle drawings – Work in progress

These are life-size drawings I’m developing for a larger piece of work to be shown on 25th July at La Ultima Cena, Berlin Germany.


Instagram Daily Digest

Various drawings posted to Instagram.

Telephone for Fabelist Synaesthesia exhibition

This work was created for the Fabelist’s synaesthesia exhibition.