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Tutu drawings

Tutu drawings

Tutu drawings at Franfrantou gallery in Berlin, Germany.

There’s a common custom in Berlin, to leave unwanted items that might be useful to other people, in a cardboard box outside your house. In this way I acquired a child’s tutu dress.

The exhibition ‘A slice of life’ at Franfrantou focused on ideas of mortality. As the drawings float and dance they conjure feelings of life and energy.

The artwork comprises of drawings in oil pastel on two different types of paper, one is glued to cardboard while the other floats freely, with cut-out drawing glued to it.

Plastic bag and leaf drawings.

Leaf and plastic bag drawings. Oil pastel on paper on cardboard.When I see nature I like, I sometimes put it in a plastic bag and take it home. That’s a typical modern experience of nature.This composite drawing compromises of studies of various types of leaves found in Berlin and a blue plastic bag, used to collect the leaves.The final piece of work is displayed using pieces of cardboard to hold the drawings out, away from the wall.

The leaves were created from drawings on coloured paper, which were then cutaway to reveal different coloured paper behind.

Instagram: Leaf studies

The leaf drawings are work in progress for an on-line gallery Lapieza. The plastic bag artwork is from the La Ultima Cena exhibition in Berlin, Germany.


Instagram: Work for Bartleby bookshop exhibition.

This is work in progress for the exhibition at Bartleby bookshop.


Instagram: Details of Berlin tricycle drawings in progress 2

These are images of details of drawings of a tricycle in Berlin, Germany. All work is drawn in oil pastel on paper.


Instagram: Details of Berln tricycle drawings in progress

Details and examples of Tricycle drawings for an exhibition in Berlin, Germany.