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Instagram: Ice Hockey mask & gloves

I continue to develop drawings of objects using old pastel on coloured paper. Here I’ve been studying An Ice Hockey mask and gloves with a view to combining drawings of these objects with others.


Instagram Daily Digest

Studies of an Ice Hockey glove, tape measure and an army boot. All drawings are oil pastel on paper.
I use a quick quick drawing technique to keep the work fresh and honest, whilst tending to the technical skill side of my artwork.


Instagram Daily Digest

Some drawings posted to my Instagram account: Gloves, Skulls and other objects.


Sketches with oil pastel (Skulls & Gloves)

Here are a few images of sketches I’ve been doing recently with a lump of oil pastel. I have a skull, several gardening and workmans gloves around the flat, which make convenient objects to draw.

Photos by Juan Barte

Posing with AK47 drawings at LAPIEZA, Madrid.
March 2012.Photography by Juan Barte.

Ground Floor Left Gallery: Figuratively speaking (group show)

"Yellow Skeleton on stand" and "AK47" drawings at the Ground Floor Left gallery.

“Yellow Skeleton on stand” and “AK47″ drawings at the Ground Floor Left gallery. Oil pastel on cartridge paper, on cardboard.

At the Ground Floor Left gallery in Hackney, East London: Yellow Skeleton and AK47 drawings. Part of a group show with several graduates and established artists called Figuratively speaking.The exhibition rans 14th Р18th March 12-6pm.