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Exhibition: “Berlin Objekte” @ La Ultima Cena, Berlin, Germany.

Berlin Objekte exhibition in Berlin, Germany
Berlin Objekte25th July 2014.
Urbanstrasse 101
10967 Berlin, Germany.
Phone 0179 1994811.

La Ultima Cena (Facebook page)

Berlin Objekte
An Exhibition of drawings by Paul Doeman.

Paul is visual artist from London, England, who has spent the past 6 weeks in Berlin drawing objects from everyday life, including bags from supermarkets and Apotheke’s and a tricycle from a Sunday flea market in an OBI carpark.

When drawing these objects Paul tries to retain some of the characteristics of the original objects, their size, colour, perhaps even some of the qualities of the materials the original items are made of. Most apparent is the three-dimensional nature of the drawings. Each drawing is cut-out. and arranged to further portray something about the original object(s).

All drawings are drawn in oil pastel, on paper and glued to cardboard.


Instagram: Tricycle drawings – Work in progress

These are life-size drawings I’m developing for a larger piece of work to be shown on 25th July at La Ultima Cena, Berlin Germany.


Forth-coming exhibition: Synaesthesia

Synaestheisa exhibition piece Dates have been confirmed for the “SynaesthesiaFabelist group show. Private view 22nd August
Exhibition: 23rd – 31st August.
Unit 3 ASC Studios, Empson Street, London E3 3LT United Kingdom.
Map >>>I will have one piece at the show: Synaesthesia.Exhibition Facebook events page>>>


Synaesthesia Press Release>>>

One piece of my work is at the show, “Synaesthesia”, which shows a telephone broken drawn in different colours in a confused explosion and tangle of handsets and receivers.

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Ground Floor Left Gallery: Figuratively speaking (group show)

"Yellow Skeleton on stand" and "AK47" drawings at the Ground Floor Left gallery.

“Yellow Skeleton on stand” and “AK47″ drawings at the Ground Floor Left gallery. Oil pastel on cartridge paper, on cardboard.

At the Ground Floor Left gallery in Hackney, East London: Yellow Skeleton and AK47 drawings. Part of a group show with several graduates and established artists called Figuratively speaking.The exhibition rans 14th – 18th March 12-6pm.

Paul Doeman at LAPIEZA gallery, Madrid. April 2011.

Videos shot at an exhibition of my work at LAPIEZA gallery in Madrid, Spain in April 2011.
During the exhibition I drew objects in the gallery that had been chosen or created by other artists. I mounted the drawings on cardboard and displayed them in the gallery.





Banana peels 1

Banana peels 2