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Tutu drawings

Tutu drawings

There’s a common custom in Berlin, to leave unwanted items that might be useful to other people, in a cardboard box outside your house. In this way I acquired a child’s tutu dress. The exhibition ‘A slice of life’ at Franfrantou focused on ideas of mortality. As the drawings float and dance they conjure feelings […]

Berlin consumer objects @ Bartleby, Berlin

Water bottle drawings

8th – 15th August 2014.¬†Bartleby & co. Boppstr. 2, 10967, Berlin. Artwork on show: Exhibition statement In Berlin I’ve been drawing objects with relevance to my experience of living here for the past 7 weeks. The heat and humidity of the German summer has meant I’ve carried water with me. This is a learnt behaviour […]

Eine flasche wasser bitte.

This was a piece of work shown at the Bartleby exhibition in Berlin, Germany. Berlin has relatively hot summers; in London Tube passengers are advised to carry a bottle of water with them, largely due to the lack of air conditioning in London’s underground system. I continued the habit of carrying a bottle of water […]