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Number banners animations

I made these banners 15 years ago; ¬†how time flies. I used them to mark out situations, and then experimented with cardboard arrows in an attempt to animate some life into the banners. They were in a show at VOID gallery, London and in a small space in Digbeth, Birmingham. It’s only in the past […]

Music hall situations

Century gallery Cremer Street, London, E2 8HD Apr 9 – 19, 2003 An exhibition of arrow installations. Using scenarios gleaned from Music hall lyrics and pros I used my Number banners to explore a local historical feature in this part of East London. The Century gallery exhibition was an exhibition of coloured arrows accompanied by […]

Number Banners & Diagrammatic Number Banners @ VOID

Number banner situations and diagrammatic number banners VOID gallery Hackney, London. August 1999 511 Hackney Road, London E2 9ED The Exhibition provided a first chance for Number Banners to be displayed in a public art gallery and consisted of several number banners, number banner arrows, Diagrammatic Number Banners and 2 number banner situations. Figure-of-eight 10 […]

G-clamp orthographic projection animation

Animated g-clamp installation The animated g-clamp installation comprised of three seperate animations filmed and projected using Super 8 cameras and projectors, a combination of sound and vision. The purpose of the installation was to try and recreate the object in three dimensions: side, front and top views. With the addition of sound of the g-clamp […]