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Yellow skeleton left turn drawings

I’ve moved the drawings away from the wall and out into free space. This is the most 3-dimensional of my drawings so far. I plan to do a lot more of this; combining ideas I’ve had in the past, like cardboard arrows, with my object drawings. Here the skeleton is turned to it’s left, the […]

Preparing for my next exhibition

I’m completing two pieces of work for my forthcoming exhibition. A much larger studio space is allowing me to better organise my work; I can get a good distance from it and see my drawings as objects again. I’ve been drawing with oil pastel on paper, which gives me a fast way of making a […]

Work in progress: Skeleton drawings

I’ve spent the last two weeks drawing two skeletons. One has a flexible spine, the other a rigid back. The flexible skeleton has produced more interesting and naturalistic drawings, I can put more energy into the work. The human skeleton is either a collection of objects (bones) or, in the form I am drawing it, a single object in its own […]