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Knife rain drawings in Berlin.

Knife rain drawings

These are drawings of 9 different knives in 6 different colours. The knives were drawn turning to produce drawings from different angles. The drawings were cut-out on cardboard and secured to the wall to create a rain of knives, albeit made beautiful by a rainbow of colour.  

Berlin consumer objects @ Bartleby, Berlin

Water bottle drawings

8th – 15th August 2014. Bartleby & co. Boppstr. 2, 10967, Berlin. Artwork on show: Exhibition statement In Berlin I’ve been drawing objects with relevance to my experience of living here for the past 7 weeks. The heat and humidity of the German summer has meant I’ve carried water with me. This is a learnt behaviour […]

Berlin Tricycle – work in progress

Berlin tricycle drawing - work in progress

These drawings will form part of an installation drawing to be displayed on 25th July 2014 in La Ultima Cena, Berlin Germany. Urbanstrasse 101, 10967 Berlin, Germany. The work will be entitled “Berlin Dreirad”. All of the drawings are oil pastel on paper on cardboard.

Rossman Plastic bag drawings – Berlin Germany

Drawings of a Rossman plastic bag

Rossman plastic bag drawings were shown at the Berlin Objekte exhibition in Berlin, Germany, in the summer of 2014. Rossman is a popular German supermarket chain. I drew a Rossman plastic bag I acquired from shopping in one of their Berlin stores. Using oil pastel, I drew on unbleached paper and sometimes cut-out small sections […]