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Rucksack drawings

This is my rucksack, one that I carry around with me a lot of the time. As with my other drawings I used black oil pastel on paper, which I’ve then glued to card and cut-out to give a three-dimensional effect; which I hope brings some of the physical characteristics of objects back to the […]

Working in my studio

I always work from life. I feel very uncomfortable working from memory, photographs or imagination. I’m not always completely conscious of what I’m creating; I try to stay loyal to what I see without glamorising or romanticising. Drawing a rucksack in my studio, using a black oil pastel on paper. I work with oil pastels […]

Work in progress: Skeleton drawings

I’ve spent the last two weeks drawing two skeletons. One has a flexible spine, the other a rigid back. The flexible skeleton has produced more interesting and naturalistic drawings, I can put more energy into the work. The human skeleton is either a collection of objects (bones) or, in the form I am drawing it, a single object in its own […]