Yellow Skeleton & Kalashnikov drawings

Ground Floor Left Gallery: Figuratively speaking (group show)

"Yellow Skeleton on stand" and "AK47" drawings at the Ground Floor Left gallery.
“Yellow Skeleton on stand” and “AK47” drawings at the Ground Floor Left gallery. Oil pastel on cartridge paper, on cardboard.
At the Ground Floor Left gallery in Hackney, East London: Yellow Skeleton and AK47 drawings. Part of a group show with several graduates and established artists called Figuratively speaking.The exhibition rans 14th – 18th March 12-6pm.

Appearance on the Danbro Accountancy services website.

Appearance on the Danbro Accountancy Services website
My appearance in the Danbro Accountancy Services marketing campaign.
I managed to make it into a marketing campaign of an Accountancy services company. 

I’m a client of theirs and they asked if they could use an image of me creating work in my studio. They’ve always done a great job for me, the marketing slogan is actually accurate, so I was happy to participate.

‘Acacia seed pods’ at LAPIEZA

Acacia Seed Pod drawings
Acacia Seed Pod drawings at LAPIEZA in Madrid.

Acacia seed pod drawings at Lapieza
The drawings retain many of the aspects of the original objects
During both an artist in residence and exhibition at LAPIEZA I took a walk through Casa de Compo park and saw a lot of seed pods from the many Acacia trees there. I collected a few and drew them at LAPIEZA. 

This gave me an opportunity to develop the way in which I hang my ‘clouds’ of object drawings, which until then consisted of objects arbitrarily arranged. Arranging the drawings of the seed pods in a more naturalistic way, as if they had been blown by the wind, imitates the way I saw them spread across Casa de Compo.

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