Self portrait

Self-portrait. 2017. Poster paint, acrylic and oil pastel on paper.

As self portrait, created in Schoeneberg, Berlin. I wanted to capture myself in a more realistic way. We don’t usually stand still and we are not always seen from the same angle all the time.

Children’s Lifejacket drawings

Drawings of a Children’s life jacket – an object found in Prenzlauer berg, Berlin, Germany.
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Drawing of a children's life jacket. Oil pastel on paper.
Children’s Lifejacket. Blue on red. Oil pastel on gouache on paper. 90 x 123cm.

Drawing of a children's life jacket. Red oil pastel on light grey Gu
A Children’s Lifejacket. Red on grey. Oil pastel and gouache on paper. 91 x 125cm.

Drawing of a child's lifejacket on gouache on paper.
A Children’s Lifejacket. Dark blue on Orange. Oil pastel & gouache on paper. 98 x 132cm.


Mexico Design magazine

Artwork for Mexico Design magazine.
Several object drawings on the cover of Mexico Design magazine.

I was invited by Mexico Design magazine to create work for the front cover of issue 37, which focused on new designs in eco-friendly transport.

I coincided their requirements with my “Draw an object a day for 365 days project“, drawing a 1960’s children’s scooter, a leaf from a London plain tree and a skateboard.

Each drawing was cut-out and layered onto coloured paper.

The next issue will contain a 6 page feature on my work, focusing on my drawing an object a day project.

The credits page in Mexico Design magazine
Credits page in Mexico Design magazine.

Object drawings update

Drawings of a plastic soldier.
Drawings of plastic toy soldier.

More object drawings from “Draw an object a day for 365 days”.
With only the final object left to draw, I’ve created over 364 drawings, posted to my Instagram page each day.

Al drawings are created using paper and oil pastels.

More images: Day #244 of Drawing an object a day

Drawings of a Lynx shower gel bottle.
Drawing of Lynx shower gel bottle.

This exhibition focused on the display of the first 244 days of “Draw an object a day for 365 days“, which began on 18th August 2014,
More than 1,600 drawings were displayed on day 244 at 5th Base Gallery, East London, in small groups, individual arrangements and dense clouds.
During the show visitors were asked to vote for their favourite object drawings. Results were:

  1. Beetroot
  2. Umbrella, Half a lemon, Half a doll
  3. Bakelite telephone, Trout, Dishcloth, Plug converter, Human skull, Latex gloves, Press-up bars, Russian dolls, Bar of soap, My keys, Souvenier bull, My keys, Roll of dustbin bags, Headphones, Belt, Seashell, Left Adidas trainer,Half a doll, Half a lemon, Edible crab, Viola, Russian gas mask, Russian gas mask bag, Mini cracker tub, Asics trainers, Banana skins, Small water bottle, Asparagus, Toilet roll, Tool bag, Ginger, Leaves, Spoons.

Individual objects from the show

Drawings were created in small series’; several drawings of each object, from different angles, with some similarity to the approach of cubists.
Each day a new object is chosen and new drawings created. These are images of some of those series’ of object drawings on display at the exhibition.

People interacting with the object drawings

Jesús Andrés with gas mask drawings
Jesús Andrés with gas mask drawings

The drawings are of objects we use in everyday life. Sometimes disposable, often overlooked, almost all are familiar and so approachable.

Exhibition: Day #244 of ‘Draw an object a day for 365 days’

Exhibition: Day 244 of draw an object a day for 365 days
Exhibition: Day 244 of draw an object a day for 365 days

Day #244 of ‘Draw an object a day for 365 days’. 5th Base gallery. 23 Heneage Street, Whitechapel, London E1  5LJ.
Open Private view: 6-9pm Friday 24th April, 2015.
General opening times: 12-6pm 25th-26th April, 2015.

The work is a daily diary of drawings of objects. Each object was drawn several times, then cut-out and mounted on cardboard. The final work is displayed suspended away from the wall on cardboard splints, creating visual depth.

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