Protest the Pope banner

Protest the pope banner
Protest the pope banner: Latin red skeleton Pope.
The London protest against the Pope's visit. Estimated attendance of 10-12,000 people. You can see my skeleton banner at the back-right of the picture.
Several protests were organised to coincide with the Pope’s visit to the UK. I decided to create a banner to convey my feelings towards him for a march in London. In light of the various charges made against the Pope I felt a red skeleton in a mitre was appropriate. The Latin text at the top of the banner is supposed to say “I want your soul” and reads “Volo vestri animus”. A few Latin speakers told me the text should have read something like “Volo vestri animum” – I’ll get it right next time.

Some of the reasons for my protest included: Ratzinger’s decades-long cover-up of child rape, the UK govt’s decision to offer a tax-funded state visit to the Pope and the govt’s continued shifting of state services to religious organisations, which are exempt from many discrimination laws that the rest of us must rightly abide by.