Dead head haunts @ Guerrilla zoo

See images from the exhibition.

Part of a group show event, for one night only. Guerilla zoo is “a collective army of underground artists un-caged and exhibited to the public“. Guerilla zoo runs a quarterly one-night-only arts event in south London.
This is the third event in a series of underground happenings organised by Guerrilla Zoo.

Live drawing diary
On the night I’ll be drawing objects that people have with them, so bring something interesting along.

Drawing diary
The Drawing diary.

All the drawings will be pinned to a board on-site, which will act as a diary of the night in 2D object form.

I’ll be drawing your shoes, handbags, trainers, in fact anything that will fit on an A3 or A4 piece of paper

Skeletons & roses
In the main gallery area I’ll be displaying some event-specific drawings. Since the theme of the night is deadheads – fans of the grateful dead –

Skull sketches.

I’ve taken two of the symbols commonly associated with these people and drawn them.

Part of the orthographic projection drawing of a skeleton.