More images: Day #244 of Drawing an object a day

Drawings of a Lynx shower gel bottle.
Drawing of Lynx shower gel bottle.

This exhibition focused on the display of the first 244 days of “Draw an object a day for 365 days“, which began on 18th August 2014,
More than 1,600 drawings were displayed on day 244 at 5th Base Gallery, East London, in small groups, individual arrangements and dense clouds.
During the show visitors were asked to vote for their favourite object drawings. Results were:

  1. Beetroot
  2. Umbrella, Half a lemon, Half a doll
  3. Bakelite telephone, Trout, Dishcloth, Plug converter, Human skull, Latex gloves, Press-up bars, Russian dolls, Bar of soap, My keys, Souvenier bull, My keys, Roll of dustbin bags, Headphones, Belt, Seashell, Left Adidas trainer,Half a doll, Half a lemon, Edible crab, Viola, Russian gas mask, Russian gas mask bag, Mini cracker tub, Asics trainers, Banana skins, Small water bottle, Asparagus, Toilet roll, Tool bag, Ginger, Leaves, Spoons.

Individual objects from the show

Drawings were created in small series’; several drawings of each object, from different angles, with some similarity to the approach of cubists.
Each day a new object is chosen and new drawings created. These are images of some of those series’ of object drawings on display at the exhibition.

People interacting with the object drawings

Jesús Andrés with gas mask drawings
Jesús Andrés with gas mask drawings

The drawings are of objects we use in everyday life. Sometimes disposable, often overlooked, almost all are familiar and so approachable.

Rosetta Window Gallery exhibition

Artwork at the Rosetta Windows gallery exhibition in Canning Town.
Artwork at the Rosetta Windows gallery exhibition in Canning Town.

Rosetta Rathbone Art Studios.
Rosetta Rathbone Art Studios. 26B Rathbone Market, Canning Town, E16 1EH.
Installation: 11/02/2012.
Official opening: Thursday 1st March from from 7-9pm.
Ends: 27/03/2012. 
Works will change over the lifetime of the exhibition and will begin with the following pieces of work:

Some objects are idolised, others are used every day and not fully appreciated. Objects we buy, surround ourselves with and throw away have a personality of their own. Much like people, objects are altered by their surroundings, purposes and shapes.
When we want to get to know someone we ask “What do you do?” Their answer and how it relates to us shapes our opinion of them. The personality of an object is also heavily influenced by what it does. We think differently about a sword, hammer, flower and football not just because they look different but because they have different uses and functions.When drawing an object you get to sit and look at it for a long time. While you’re looking a personality starts to emerge, sometimes humorous, relaxed or intelligent; other times an object can be remote or even indifferent. Perhaps through this work I can show some life in otherwise inanimate objects.

All the drawings are created with oil pastel on either white of coloured paper. Drawings are glued onto thrownaway cardboard and then cut-out to give the relief or 3D effect.

Work for submission to the ‘Drink & dial’ exhibition.

A red skeleton on the telephone
A red skeleton on the telephone in "I love you" a piece of work submitted for inclusion in the "Drunk and Dial" exhibition at Wilson and William's gallery in London.
White skeleton.

I created a piece of work which I’ve submitted for potential inclusion in the “Drink and dial” exhibition at the Wilson William’s gallery. I should learn in February if they want to include it in the show.

The theme of the show is “Drink and dial” the phenomena whereby, when drunk, people make telephone calls they later regret.
Each drawing is a life-size study of a skeleton I keep in my flat, drawn in black oil pastel and painted with kids poster paint, then sealed with PVA.

Red & white skeleton.

I’ve been experimenting with mounting drawings on cardbaord, which I’ve done with this work and with pieces like “Deconstruction of a jab pad”.

Object expressionism: 12th-21st February @ 242 gallery

Object expressionism
12th-21st February @ 242 gallery.

Opening hours: Wednesday – Sunday 12-6pm.

242 Cambridge Heath Road Bethnal Green, London.
(Opposite Cambridge Heath mainline station).

Tube: Bethnal Green. Bus: D6, 48, 253, 254. Rail: Cambridge Heath Road.
More info’ about 242 gallery…

Deconstructing football boots, jab pads and dancing rubber gloves; every object deserves some attention, 15 minutes of fame.

What would we be without objects? They fill our lives.
Pretty and practical, roses and daises are normally used as symbolic objects but they deserve a bit of attention and recognition in their own right.