Work for submission to the ‘Drink & dial’ exhibition.

A red skeleton on the telephone
A red skeleton on the telephone in "I love you" a piece of work submitted for inclusion in the "Drunk and Dial" exhibition at Wilson and William's gallery in London.
White skeleton.

I created a piece of work which I’ve submitted for potential inclusion in the “Drink and dial” exhibition at the Wilson William’s gallery. I should learn in February if they want to include it in the show.

The theme of the show is “Drink and dial” the phenomena whereby, when drunk, people make telephone calls they later regret.
Each drawing is a life-size study of a skeleton I keep in my flat, drawn in black oil pastel and painted with kids poster paint, then sealed with PVA.

Red & white skeleton.

I’ve been experimenting with mounting drawings on cardbaord, which I’ve done with this work and with pieces like “Deconstruction of a jab pad”.

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