The Experiment @ Guerrilla zoo


Guerrilla zoo presents “The experiment “.

Images from the exhibition

Friday 20th October 2006, 8pm-4am @ The Corsica Arts Club, London.

The theme of the show was “the experiment”, I chose to experiment with my drawing and the way in which I depicted and worked with my subject matter.

I’m interested in depicting characteristics of the objects I am drawing, a major characteristic is the way in which an object functions and/or is constructed. By using a number of drawings Images from the exhibition to show the disintegration of the football boot.

Dead head haunts @ Guerrilla zoo

See images from the exhibition.

Part of a group show event, for one night only. Guerilla zoo is “a collective army of underground artists un-caged and exhibited to the public“. Guerilla zoo runs a quarterly one-night-only arts event in south London.
This is the third event in a series of underground happenings organised by Guerrilla Zoo.

Live drawing diary
On the night I’ll be drawing objects that people have with them, so bring something interesting along.

Drawing diary
The Drawing diary.

All the drawings will be pinned to a board on-site, which will act as a diary of the night in 2D object form.

I’ll be drawing your shoes, handbags, trainers, in fact anything that will fit on an A3 or A4 piece of paper

Skeletons & roses
In the main gallery area I’ll be displaying some event-specific drawings. Since the theme of the night is deadheads – fans of the grateful dead –

Skull sketches.

I’ve taken two of the symbols commonly associated with these people and drawn them.

Part of the orthographic projection drawing of a skeleton.

Living room @ House gallery

Drawings from teh Living room exhibition31 October – 10 November 2005.
House gallery

70 Camberwell church street, London, SE5 8QZ

An installation of drawings of objects from my east London flat.
The Drawings attempted to describe some of the character of my living room and the objects it contained.
House gallery >>

The exhibition
The Living room exhibition contained a number of drawings created over several months in 2005, it referred to a period of time spent in the living room of my flat in east London.

Through the drawing of everyday objects I hoped not to create works of great glory but to refer to the everyday-ness of our normal lives.

An ordinary world
The more I learn and experience in my life the more I realise that the most amazing things surround us, objects and situations that we take for granted are in fact often works of great complexity and creativity. Why do you need ghosts and aliens when we are surrounded by such interesting and unique things, if you give ordinary objects a chance they will impress you, you do not have to travel to the moon to see something new?

The living room exhibition used the House gallery space to recreate a plan of my living room, complete with the objects that have been in it for the first 7 months of 2005.
The drawings were presented using flat boards which stand on the floor within the shape of my living room which has been mapped out on to the floor.

Pictures from The Living room exhibition >>>

Number Banners & Diagrammatic Number Banners @ VOID

Postcard advertisement from the Number banners and dia' banners exhibition at the Void gallery.
Postcard advertisement from the Number banners and dia' banners exhibition at the Void gallery.

Number banner situations and diagrammatic number banners
VOID gallery Hackney, London.
August 1999
511 Hackney Road, London E2 9ED

The Exhibition provided a first chance for Number Banners to be displayed in a public art gallery and consisted of several number banners, number banner arrows, Diagrammatic Number Banners and 2 number banner situations.

Figure-of-eight arrows on wall, painted white, ready for objects to be placed on or near them.
Figure-of-eight arrows on wall, painted white, ready for objects to be placed on or near them.

10 interlocking arrows complete a figure-of-eight eternal cycle. When this dynamic arrow sculpture is placed on the floor more than one Number banner can be put onto or near the device to create a progression or a single movement for the Banners.
At Void Contemporary Art Space figure-of-Eight arrows were placed on the wall, but displayed without number banners this creation can stand on its own; exhibited as an item rather than in action.

Figure-of-eight text assisted this arrow set-up, it was displayed along-side the art piece and written in the stencil letter font >>

This work – like other number banner installations – describes dynamic movements and other dynamic qualities of the number banners. Their purpose is to be used for experiments in time and space; examining the first four physical dimensions: Time, length, breadth and height. It is important that the Number Banners are seen as having individual personalities in their own right as their ‘value’ affects the way that they act on the arrow set-up.

In the case of Figure-of-eight arrows the ten arrows can be seen as a reflection of the ten Number banners this is unusual as not all arrow set-ups contain ten arrows. This arrow set-up looks similar to a Scalextric track. In the child’s car game cars race around a track that has metal slots that conduct electricity to toy cars. Although with Scalextric the user determines the speed of movement for the cars, Figure-of-eight-arrow set-up allows the Number banners to travel without user assistance, the arrow set-up infers the Banners movement.

Number banner number 2
Number banner number 2

Twist arrow
In this situation the number banner spins, it needs to be imagined that the floor is not physically present. The banner is travelling in the direction of the pointed arrow.
This arrow really affects the appearance and so the personality of the number banner that is placed within it.

This is another example of the partnership between number banners and the cardboard directive creations.
Cardboard arrows give number banners direction and purpose, these cardboard circles offer islands for number banners to jump to.
Again, these cardboard constructions give a potential dynamism to the otherwise static banners. Number banner 5 was placed on the edge of one of the circles and the rest was left up to the viewer.

Pictures from the VOID exhibition

G-clamp orthographic projection animation

Animated g-clamp installation
The animated g-clamp installation comprised of three seperate animations filmed and projected using Super 8 cameras and projectors, a combination of sound and vision.

The purpose of the installation was to try and recreate the object in three dimensions: side, front and top views. With the addition of sound of the g-clamp turning – a squeaking noise – the otherwise inanimate object came to life.

G-clamp. Top view animation.
g-clamp. side view animation.
G-clamp. Front view animation.