Object drawings update

Drawings of a plastic soldier.
Drawings of plastic toy soldier.

More object drawings from “Draw an object a day for 365 days”.
With only the final object left to draw, I’ve created over 364 drawings, posted to my Instagram page each day.

Al drawings are created using paper and oil pastels.

Exhibition: Day #244 of ‘Draw an object a day for 365 days’

Exhibition: Day 244 of draw an object a day for 365 days
Exhibition: Day 244 of draw an object a day for 365 days

Day #244 of ‘Draw an object a day for 365 days’. 5th Base gallery. 23 Heneage Street, Whitechapel, London E1  5LJ.
Open Private view: 6-9pm Friday 24th April, 2015.
General opening times: 12-6pm 25th-26th April, 2015.

The work is a daily diary of drawings of objects. Each object was drawn several times, then cut-out and mounted on cardboard. The final work is displayed suspended away from the wall on cardboard splints, creating visual depth.

Vegetable & Fruit drawings

Drawings of Ginger and Sweet Potato.
Drawings of Ginger and Sweet Potato. Oil pastel on paper.

Working with Spanish artist Anto Lloveras from LAPIEZA, I’ve been drawing more food objects than usual. I’ve eaten all of the food objects I’ve drawn. It’s interesting to think I’ve consumed all of these items.

Here’s a small selection of my  recent daily posts to Instagram. All drawings are oil pastel on paper.

Day 113 of “Draw an object a day for 365 days”

Day 113. Draw an object a day for 365 days
Day 113 of draw an object a day for 365 days.

More than 30% through the task of drawing an object a day for 365 days; drawing an average of 6 drawings for each chosen object, over 670 drawings have been produced. These drawings create a visual diary of the objects that surround us.

See all of the drawings on my Instgram page, subscribe to see the drawings as they are posted each day.

Drawing an object a day for 365 days

Follow me on TwitterI’m drawing an object and posting it to Instagram each day, for 365 days.
The objects I choose will be those that surround me in everyday life and more unusual objects that interest me.

After 365 days all of the objects will be displayed to form a self-portrait in objects.

The images below represent the last 20 posted to my Instagram account. To follow these daily posts, install Instagram on your smart phone and ‘Follow’ me.

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Exhibition: “A slice of life” @ Franfrantou, Berlin.

Franfrantou exhibition. Berlin.
Promotional graphic for the ‘Slice of life’ exhibition at Franfrantou, Berlin, Germany.

15th – 18th August, 2014. (Solo show).
Franfrantou. Weserstrasse 53, 12045 Berlin.

This show presented an opportunity to develop my work in a tight time window of just two weeks. I focused on working quickly, which helped maintain a fresh feel to the final pieces.

Artwork on show:

Tutu drawings
Knife rain
Knife rain
Plastic bags and leaves.
Plastic bags & leaves.

Setting up ‘A slice of life’ exhibition

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