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Yellow telephone handsets – work in progress

I’ve been working on drawings of a telephone handset on yellow paper. I’m locating an old-style base, which will likely be in a different colour. I’m intending to show some interaction between the handset and the base.

Drawing of a sack trolley

Sack trolley drawings

Small Sack trolley
Small Sack trolley drawings
I’m experimenting with more three-dimensional drawings of objects.
Here drawings of a sack barrow show the movement of the object over time. The drawings stand in free space, mounted on cardboard.
I’ll continue drawing this object in a way that describes its function and movement.

Working in my studio

Me drawing in my studio
Drawing in my studio.
I always work from life. I feel very uncomfortable working from memory, photographs or imagination. I’m not always completely conscious of what I’m creating; I try to stay loyal to what I see without glamorising or romanticising.

Drawing a rucksack Drawing a rucksack Drawing in my studio
Drawing a rucksack in my studio, using a black oil pastel on paper.

I work with oil pastels and oil bars, which are effectively pieces of oil paint and take a long time to dry. I’ve tried many drawing materials and oild pastel is best at producing a dark solid line. Graphite seems to produce only a weak grey line and marker pens don’t have the depth of oil pastel which raises up off of the page. I try to increase this effect by mounting the drawings on card and then cutting them out.

Moved to a new studio

I just left Cable street studios and moved into Limehouse arts foundation, which is a charitable organisation.

I’ve got a bigger space than I had a Cables street Which will be useful as I prepare for my show in August.

Moved into Cable street studios

Last weekend I moved into a space at Cable street studios with the intention of completing some larger-scale work.
There’s a strong artist community feel there, with quite a few of them introducing themselves to me and welcoming me in.