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Berlin tricycle drawing - work in progress

Berlin Tricycle – work in progress

These drawings will form part of an installation drawing to be displayed on 25th July 2014 in La Ultima Cena, Berlin Germany. Urbanstrasse 101, 10967 Berlin, Germany. The work will be entitled “Berlin Dreirad”.

All of the drawings are oil pastel on paper on cardboard.

Detail of Tricycle drawing

Instagram: Details of Berlin tricycle drawings in progress 2

These are images of details of drawings of a tricycle in Berlin, Germany. All work is drawn in oil pastel on paper.


Tricycle drawings in progress.

Instagram: Tricycle drawings – Work in progress

These are life-size drawings I’m developing for a larger piece of work to be shown on 25th July at La Ultima Cena, Berlin Germany.


Plastic bag created in Berlin.

Instagram: Plastic bag & a Boot drawing

These are parts of early works created in Berlin. A Rossman plastic bag and a motorcycle boot. All work is created in Oil pastels on plain and coloured paper.


Martial arts belts drawings.

Instagram: London & Berlin drawings

This is a mixture of work from London and Berlin.
The martial arts belts were drawn back in 2013. The Nike paper bag in June 2014 in Berlin and the coloured shows in early June in London.
All work is in oil paste on paper. The boots and martial arts belts are also on cardboard.