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Work in progress for Berlin Tricycles.

Berlin Tricycle drawings.

The Berlin Tricycle drawings were displayed at La Ultima Cena, Berlin Germany. Urbanstrasse 101, 10967 Berlin, Germany on 25th July 2014.

The acquired the Tricycle at a Berlin flea market. Flea markets are very popular in Berlin culture, particularly on Sundays. This children’s Tricyle has a handle, which is used to push the child along as they sit on the bike.

Images of Tricycle drawings

Coloured AK47 Kalashnikovs drawings

Coloured Kalashnikov AK47 drawings

These coloured Kalashnikov drawings were created for an exhibition at the Rosetta Window gallery, in London.
Each is a life-size study of a deactivated AK47 rifle, drawn life-size with oil pastel on coloured paper. Previous studies had been in black and white, drawing on coloured paper added another layer of information and abstraction.