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Kid gloves drawings

Kid gloves

Kid gloves drawings
Kid gloves. Oil pastel on mixed papers on cardboard.

This work featured in the Bartleby exhibition in Berlin.

The drawings are of a pair of gardening gloves, bought from a Berlin hardware store (Bauhaus). 3 different types of paper were used in it’s creation. One is patterned with Russian dolls (Matryoshka).

The title “Kid gloves” is a reference to the situation in Ukraine and Europe’s approach to Russia and it’s involvement in the conflict there and its annexation of Crimea.

A second pair of gloves were also studied to produce a third piece of work at the exhibition.

More images of the work

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Eine flasche wasser bitte.

Eine flasche wasser bitte. A bottle of water, please.
“Eine flasche wasser, bitte.”(“A bottle of water, please”
Oil pastel on paper on cardboard.

This was a piece of work shown at the Bartleby exhibition in Berlin, Germany.

Berlin has relatively hot summers; in London Tube passengers are advised to carry a bottle of water with them, largely due to the lack of air conditioning in London’s underground system. I continued the habit of carrying a bottle of water with me in Berlin.

This artwork is both a portrait of a constant companion in a foreign land and a familiar friend from home.

The title “Eine flasche wasser, bitte.” translates from German to English as “A bottle of water, please”. One of the few phrases I learnt while in Berlin.

The work comprises of a number of drawn studies of a plastic water bottle, cut out onto cardboard. Each drawing is then fixed to the background at varying distances, to create a feeling of depth.

More images of the work

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Ice Hockey gloves drawings

Instagram: Ice Hockey mask & gloves

I continue to develop drawings of objects using old pastel on coloured paper. Here I’ve been studying An Ice Hockey mask and gloves with a view to combining drawings of these objects with others.


Drawing of an Ice Hockey glove.

Instagram: Ice Hockey gloves – work in progress.

Studies of an Ice Hockey glove, tape measure and an army boot. All drawings are oil pastel on paper.
I use a quick quick drawing technique to keep the work fresh and honest, whilst tending to the technical skill side of my artwork.


Gardening gloves drawing

Instagram Daily Digest

Some drawings posted to my Instagram account: Gloves, Skulls and other objects.


Skull sketch

Sketches with oil pastel (Skulls & Gloves)

Here are a few images of sketches I’ve been doing recently with a lump of oil pastel. I have a skull, several gardening and workmans gloves around the flat, which make convenient objects to draw.