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Kid gloves drawings

Kid gloves

Kid gloves drawings
Kid gloves. Oil pastel on mixed papers on cardboard.

This work featured in the Bartleby exhibition in Berlin.

The drawings are of a pair of gardening gloves, bought from a Berlin hardware store (Bauhaus). 3 different types of paper were used in it’s creation. One is patterned with Russian dolls (Matryoshka).

The title “Kid gloves” is a reference to the situation in Ukraine and Europe’s approach to Russia and it’s involvement in the conflict there and its annexation of Crimea.

A second pair of gloves were also studied to produce a third piece of work at the exhibition.

More images of the work

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Plastic bag created in Berlin.

Instagram: Plastic bag & a Boot drawing

These are parts of early works created in Berlin. A Rossman plastic bag and a motorcycle boot. All work is created in Oil pastels on plain and coloured paper.


Paper and plastic bag drawings. Berlin, Germany.

Instagram: Plastic bag & Nike paper bag drawings

These are examples of work I’n developing for a show in Berlin on 25th July 2015.
All drawings are oil pastel on plain and coloured paper.
The plastic bags are from German supermarkets, the paper bag is from a Berlin Mike store.