Rubber gloves, Jab pad & Football boot

Rubber gloves: paper, Black oil pastel and cardboard on foamcore board.

Jab pad: Left-hand jab pade drawn in black oil pastel on paper and cardboard.

Disassembled Football boot: Drawn with black oil pastel on white paper.
These drawings will form part of the Object expressionism exhibition at 242 gallery.

The football boot and jab pad drawings show the disintegration of those objects, the rubber glove drawings show different views of the gloves.

Headset drawings

Drawing of a computer headset in black oil pastel.
Drawing of a computer headset in black oil pastel.
Click above for a close to real size copy of this drawing.

I often like drawing what are thought of as mundane objects.

This USB computer headset was sitting on the living room floor and seemed like a good subject for drawings. I like to try push myself to draw whatever is to hand.

I tend to draw objects over and over again moving them so that I view them from multiple angles. The basic idea is to build up as complete an image of the objects as possible, much like how orthographic projection works in technical designs. I also try to make all of my drawings as close to life-size as possible.

You can see more drawings of the headset here >>

Work for submission to the ‘Drink & dial’ exhibition.

A red skeleton on the telephone
A red skeleton on the telephone in "I love you" a piece of work submitted for inclusion in the "Drunk and Dial" exhibition at Wilson and William's gallery in London.
White skeleton.

I created a piece of work which I’ve submitted for potential inclusion in the “Drink and dial” exhibition at the Wilson William’s gallery. I should learn in February if they want to include it in the show.

The theme of the show is “Drink and dial” the phenomena whereby, when drunk, people make telephone calls they later regret.
Each drawing is a life-size study of a skeleton I keep in my flat, drawn in black oil pastel and painted with kids poster paint, then sealed with PVA.

Red & white skeleton.

I’ve been experimenting with mounting drawings on cardbaord, which I’ve done with this work and with pieces like “Deconstruction of a jab pad”.

Boxing glove

Drawing of a boxing glove in black oil pastel.
Left-hand boxing glove in black oil pastel.

I like boxing gloves. Not only are they tools, they are made up of layers of materials, cut-to-size and stitched together to make the final object.

I’m about to start deconstructing a pair of boxing gloves, work that will be in my next exhibition at 242 gallery.

You can see more boxing glove drawings here >>>

Deconstruction of a jab pad


Drawings of jab pads in Oil pastel on paper and raised on thin cardboard.

Deconstruction of a jab pad.
Jab pad: Left-hand jab pad drawn in black oil pastel on paper and cardboard.

Jab pads are used for boxing training, the trainer puts one pad on each hand and the boxer strikes out at the pads developing combinations of punches whilst developing fitness.
This jab pad has been deconstructed and as it was broken down I drew it in different stages of its decomposition.

Skull drawings

I keep drawing the human skull; it’s a visually complex object, which allows me to return time and time again. Viewing it from different angles it’s possible to see something you haven’t seen before.Is a skull an object, part of a larger object or something that is just in a state of decay and so not worth thinking of as an object in its own right?
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