Eine flasche wasser bitte.

Eine flasche wasser bitte. A bottle of water, please.
“Eine flasche wasser, bitte.”(“A bottle of water, please”
Oil pastel on paper on cardboard.

This was a piece of work shown at the Bartleby exhibition in Berlin, Germany.

Berlin has relatively hot summers; in London Tube passengers are advised to carry a bottle of water with them, largely due to the lack of air conditioning in London’s underground system. I continued the habit of carrying a bottle of water with me in Berlin.

This artwork is both a portrait of a constant companion in a foreign land and a familiar friend from home.

The title “Eine flasche wasser, bitte.” translates from German to English as “A bottle of water, please”. One of the few phrases I learnt while in Berlin.

The work comprises of a number of drawn studies of a plastic water bottle, cut out onto cardboard. Each drawing is then fixed to the background at varying distances, to create a feeling of depth.

More images of the work

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Exhibition: “Berlin Objects” @ La Ultima Cena, Berlin.

Berlin Objects25th July – 1st August. La Ultima Cena. Urbanstrasse 101, 10967 Berlin, Germany.

This was the first of three shows in Berlin, during the summer of 2014.
Three main works were installed at La Ultima Cena, each focused on objects I’d bought since arriving in Berlin.

Artwork on show:

Nike brown paper bag
Nike brown paper bag drawings.
Tricycle drawings.
Tricycle drawings.
Rossman plastic bags
Rossman plastic bags drawings

Nike bag drawings

Nike brown paper bag
Nike brown paper bag drawings.

The Nike Brown paper bag drawings appeared in the Berlin Objekte exhibition in the La Ultima Cena gallery, Berlin Germany.

Within a few days of arriving in Berlin I needed to buy running shorts and vests. The Nike Store in Alexander Platz put my purchase in a brown Nike paper bag.

I used some similar brown paper to draw the bags on to, with black and white oil pastel, cutout onto cardboard.

Images of brown paper bag drawings

Rossman Plastic bag drawings – Berlin Germany

Rossman plastic bag drawings at La Ultima Cena.
Rossman plastic bag drawings at La Ultima Cena.

Rossman plastic bag drawings were shown at the Berlin Objekte exhibition in Berlin, Germany, in the summer of 2014.

Rossman is a popular German supermarket chain. I drew a Rossman plastic bag I acquired from shopping in one of their Berlin stores. Using oil pastel, I drew on unbleached paper and sometimes cut-out small sections of some drawings to expose coloured paper underneath. This produced a solid block of colour where needed.

The drawings were installed into the exhbition space so that they appeared to float or catch a passing breeze.

Images of the bag drawings

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